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How it ends up with Pastel colors everywhere

In the past, pastel colors were easily linked to babydoll hues by the public. In fact, pink and light blue first arrived as colors for babies in the mid 19th century. Just before the World War One, the two colors were promoted as gender signifiers. Photo: Paulsmith   Pink was for boys and light blue is for girls. Weird, right? The reason behind was that pink was more decided and stronger, while blue was more delicate and dainty. So blue is prettier for girls.   Photo: La Muralla Roja The shift in perception slowly took place in the 1920’s with the proliferation of pretty pinks identified with feminine cosmetics and blues became the stronger more masculine color. Photo: La Muralla...

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Standard Hunter x MyMM美美

 MyMM美美 | Standard Hunter  Standard Hunter 隆重入驻连卡佛载思集团旗下的时尚网购社交圈MyMM美美APP,明星达人带你开启购物新体验。  关于MyMM美美  MyMM美美APP来自连卡佛载思集团,目前有超过400个国际时尚品牌,包括Standard Hunter在内,有近100个品牌旗舰店, 部分品牌更是【中国唯一】的线上销售渠道,所有商品皆为品牌直发的当季货品。  【新媒体 看时尚】 专业编辑团队打造的线上杂志带来极具创意的流行热点与风尚专题,让您随时阅览明星单品、潮流趋势及风尚灵感。  【购正品 聚大牌】 MyMM美美汇集全球各大品牌的当季新品与限量系列。品牌直接授权,100%正品保证。探索品牌专属页面, 乐享掌上购物新体验。  【圈中人 零距离】 明星、设计师、时尚、美妆达人分享极具创意的单品搭配,带来前所未有的购物与时尚生活新方式,让您与“圈中人”直击潮流前沿。 【潮混搭 超好玩】 精彩纷呈的搭配主题、乐趣无限的拼图功能、一键购买明星同款单品, 令您轻松尽享购物乐趣。        夏日优惠礼遇 2017年6月6日起,MyMM美美APP将开启夏日优惠礼遇,Standard Hunter全力支持此次活动,让消费者以最优价格选购2017春夏系列潮流精品,更多精彩尽在MyMM美美APP。   长按二维码 立即开启“MyMM美美-时尚网购社交圈APP”  输入邀请码SHMM 即可获得88元美美新人现金券,购物立减  加入MyMM美美 成为时尚潮流Icon 每一天美美的

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Mid Season Sale

When daytime becomes shorter, darkness gets earlier, wind blows stronger, it is high time to get ready for colder season. How to mix and match cooler and stylish? What is the upcoming prevailing trend next season? Standard Hunter provide you a multitudinous premium choice to style yourself up! All backpack is 20% off now! Not only can you choose your beloved color, you can also puzzle your unique backpack. Let's share this good news to your friends and color your wardrobe for dull winter. Don't miss the sale and enjoy the saving! 

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Summer Sales – 20% off on all selected items & free earphone on every purchase!

  Summer is all about dating out and outdoor activities. To dress smart and cool among your peers in an inexpensive way, Standard Hunter saves you 20% on all selected items! When you are well-satisfied with the sales discount, Standard Hunter is going to further pamper you by offering premium music experience. In a bid to show our gratitude towards the loving and support from customers, a premium - free earphone will be given to consumers who purchase at our shop. Seize the chance to enjoy the joy of spending at Standard Hunter with 20% off – surprising you always.

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Cool facts about our materials - INVISTA's CORDURA® fabric

  Standard Hunter values product quality and customization. To provide premium goods to our customers, our fashion items are made with the industry-leading nylon - INVISTA's CORDURA®. Renowned with its exceptional abrasion resistance, longevity and tear strength, CORDURA® fabric is carefully picked in gear and apparel industry. The versatility of this award-winning material is even acknowledged and used by the US Army. Taking the competitive advantage of CORDURA®, our goods are combined with chic design and high quality. Other than the remarkable durability of CORDURA® fabric, Standard Hunter chooses this cloth because of its amazingly lightweight and water-repellent characteristic. Offering all-day and all-round durable protection to your belongings, Standard Hunter, your cool choice.

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