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Our Concept

Standard Hunter, the eponymous fashionable bag brand and captured the interest of industry insiders and the admiration of the fashion-conscious alike. Triumphing with its remarkable high street fashion bag and accessories, Standard Hunter has won the hearts of many, placing itself as one of the most marketable fashion bag brand in today's international scene.

Standard Hunter is passionate about business bags. Each bag requires a unique combination of characteristics. They must be ergonomic, functional and stylish.

Dedicated to trendy shoppers, Standard Hunter develops a distinctive line of fashion forward designs that cater to market sentiments in fast velocity. Attention to product design and fashion trends is the driving aesthetic force of Standard Hunter as the brand continues to provide shoppers with a plethora of stylish bag and accessories to complement and complete their wardrobe.

With an attitude that exudes style and confidence, Standard Hunter has captured a region of loyal fans and positioned itself as a sought-after and preferred fashion brand in today's highly competitive world.